How I came to be a photographer was unexpected. I was coloring since I was 2 years old, science and math classes were a drag compared to art class. I loved making things with my hand and so pursuing an Art degree in college only seemed natural. After 5 years of rigorous training in studio art (I thought my calling was to be the next de Kooning or Pollock), I received a hard earned degree in Fine Arts. 

A few years later, I second-shot my first wedding. Nothing gave me the fulfillment and excitement I had while shooting two people madly in love.

Then in the summer of 2017, my husband and I answered the call of the Pacific Northwest mountains, so we packed up our stuff into a tiny truck and said goodbye to the good ol' Midwest. This happened to be the time where I decided to be a full-time wedding photographer! (*so much aspiration*)

Shooting weddings is so special to me because I am always reminded of the beautiful institution of marriage which reminds me of mine, then in turn makes me fall harder for my guy! I can't tell you how many times I've teared up while a bride says her vows amidst a waterfall of tears. I love the organic movement (flirting, hand touching, sneaking kisses, long eye gazes) between a bride and groom, the butterflies and the freeing spirit. I’m not about traditional poses that make you feel awkward or camera shy. 

I created MELA, because in the Hindi language it means 'celebration' and to me it involves your parents, siblings, cousins, friends and pets! Everyone is included in your love story... Your love story is important!

MELA is a philosophy built on people, love and moments. That is why I am so eager to hear your love story!


MELA celebrates your love story.

Mela believes in capturing your love story in an artistic manner.
A philosophy that is built on a heart-centered model, Mela serves to capture your love story
while giving you the space and freedom to have a transparent experience.
Mela is a promise, a celebration, a philosophy that involves not only couples but all participants.





Mela is the Hindi word for "a gathering, a cultural event, a gala, or a fair" associated with the act of celebration.



Mela believes that every couple & their love story is unique. 






A promise to provide you with a transparent experience that artistically captures expressions of love, joy and beauty. 



A celebration that artistically captures the liberating expressions of love & the creative journey found in your story.





Kim was FANTASTIC! She captured every moment perfectly! Planning an international wedding and trying to find locations wasn't an easy task, but Kim went above and beyond to make it all easier. She flew in a few days early to familiarize herself with locations and the setup etc and was extremely professional throughout. Not only did she cover our wedding, she took the time do a private session for us prior to our wedding at a beautiful location she found. This is besides the pictures from our rehearsal. We could not have asked for a better photographer.
Thank you so much Kim for capturing our day. You gave us some beautiful memories to hold onto.
Once again - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

-Deb & Patrick

Mela is You.
Mela is Your story.