Not proud with how the engagement portraits turned out?
Not digging the photos from the wedding?
The essence of you and your loved one missing?
Key moments that define your story not captured?
Or even worse, your precious photos lost or damaged?
Heartbroken that you can never retrieve those special moments?

And they lived happily ever after...that's how the story goes. 
Your happily Ever After doesn't stop after the vows. 
After the vows are said and done it is very easy to believe that the moment is lost. 
But darling, who said it could never be captured again?

Do you have photographs that reflect your happily ever after?

Get the portraits you dream of with Mela!


"I reached out to Kim for a re-do of my engagement pictures. My first engagement photos didn't turn out as expected. It didn't capture the real us. 
Kim delivered on what we wanted. She went above and beyond to get the perfect pictures. My fiancé and I couldn't be happier with the pictures that we received."
-Katie B



I've been in your situation. My wedding narrative was incomplete.

I do not deny the amazing skill of our wedding photographer; however, if I allow the negligence of the photographer
to capture key moments to define our love story what an unhappy tale to be living in!

Friends, our love story and
YOUR love story
are worth so much more!

After months of agonizing over the memories missing from our wedding day I decided that I would re-create those memories in my own way.

If you are also missing photographs of important moments in your love story, I'm here to say that not only have I been in your shoes but that it is my honor to capture moments that you thought were lost! 



Personally crafted for couples
that dream of another chance
to celebrate their love with
the portraits they've always dreamed of. 


At Mela we crafted a solution for our woes. 

Examples of options you get at an Ever After session :
-you choose a special location [that you didn't have the first time]
-you wear what you want [whether it’s traditional or not]
-have a relaxed and intimate experience [sans the jitters of a wedding day]
-get the style & mood of the photos [to reflect you and your loved one this time]
-and more!

[Mela understands the different needs of each couple's Ever After; therefore, quotes will be customized.]



Friends, every day is new day! It is a second chance for us to live better, love better, be better, do better.
Everyone deserves to have beautiful memories captured and framed for generations to come.

We live in a beautiful era that loves to capture memories. Think of the legacy you will leave your children and theirs
to have such photos that define the beauty, love and strength of their parents. 

Nothing compares to how photographs take you down memory lane, revive nostalgia,
make you laugh, cry and remember key moments in your love story.
You deserve another chance at capturing your ideal portraits.

What are you waiting for?

Hire Mela to capture the
portraits you have always
dreamed of!

Get a customized quote.