Hey lovers!

If you believe in expressing your love in its purest, most rawest, most freeing form, then go ahead and fill out this form. 

If you want to look back years from now on your photos and go "hot dang we looked good, gosh I love you, lets do it again!" then yep... fill out this form. 

Introverted or extroverted, awkward in front of the camera, or "we can't take a good picture"... guys I promise you'll be dancing, laughing your butts off and wishing the day never ended!

'Cuz here how it really is, my heart beats for love, freedom, intentionality, creativity and beauty. Being just another vendor on your checklist doesn't cut it for me.. I love and believe in marriage so much that the core values of MELA are built upon the heart, your heart.. and what's important to you is important to me. 

So from the moment you hit "Send" to when I read your message, I'm already digging your story and getting excited to meet you and give you a hug!

time to make magic happen... let's do this!

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