Hi, I'm Kim creator of Mela.

Photography is a sacred and intimate art form. Holding a camera forces me to pause and notice the rare beauty in simple moments. I capture those moments of truth, preserving them in timeless imagery for generations to come.

I'm living life pursuing happiness; happiness found in capturing real life, real people and real stories. My life is enriched through the encounters I've had while sharing life and joy with my clients.

Allow me the pleasure of capturing your love story! 



Noah and I come from two very different worlds.
I grew up in India & he grew up in America. We had mutual friends through college.
It was instant the moment I asked him the question that all artists love answering, "what inspires your art?" We fell in love as we began to discover how crazy similar we were, considering our unique backgrounds.

We both have a B.F.A. degree in art, so you could definitely call us creatives. We fall in love with each other everyday through our craft.

Married for three years, my husbabe is a constant inspirer, a tremendous support, my go-to troubleshooter (all things tech-related), and at times my second shooter.

Whatever our souls are made of,
his and mine are the same.
— Emily Bronte

As different we may seem, at the end of the day I have learned that we are closer to home; we love, yearn for the same things, breathe the same air, desire beauty & authenticity.

Born artists, Noah and I see beauty in everything and strive to capture that beauty through our work.
Together, we bring 20 years of experience in graphic design, painting and photography.  

We are currently in the process of making
the PNW our home.
We are always up for seeing new sights, tasting ethnic cuisines, experiencing other cultures, learning languages and making new friends along our way!




Photography is my saving grace, so I pursue it as a career.
I'm engrossed in the way we capture things.
It doesn't matter what device you use to capture moments,
the thing that matters is that we grow to love each other,
appreciate the time we have with one another, and live with a grateful heart. 


 You know the feeling you get when you stand in front of a masterpiece?
I aim to evoke a similar emotion with my work. This can be found in the treatment of colors, tone and mood of my photos. The very reason I pursue photography. I get to express my love for art, and style.
Everything I’ve sought after, aspired and practiced in art
has brought me to the point where I know photography is IT.


I believe it’s so vital to have your story captured in a beautiful and artistic manner
so that you can be proud of the magnificent legacy you leave behind.
The joys of working with clients who give me the opportunity to capture their beautiful celebration is gratifying in so many ways. You could say, my life and my work becomes a mela!


rainy days/ sounds of Billie Marten/ travel/ smoked salmon/ Noah's eyes/ Oregon Mead/ Asian food

exploring/ day hikes/ lagers/ Kim's cooking/ tech blogs/ Asian food/ painting/ running

We are all in this together, darling.